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Instant Educator – Online Tutoring Service

Instant Educator – the online tutoring project of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency – was launched as a separate project in 2017 to cater to the vast, growing market of online tuition in Pakistan as well as around the world. Before Instant Educator was launched, Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency was serving online students for the past 10 years (from 2007-2017) under its own banner. Our expert online tutors of Mathematics, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Accounting, Economics, MBA, ACCA, English Language, O/A-level are ready to help students all around the globe with their homework, assignments, examinations, and more. Now it doesn’t matter where you are located, we are always ready to provide you our excellent tutoring services. We also provide you the best online teachers for homework assistance around the globe. Our 24/7 online tutoring service provides you the best, well qualified, highly skilled, result-oriented and dedicate tutors, teachers and instructors to help you in your academic studies in very affordable prices.

Our charges: Our online tutors charge $12 (USD) per hour for all classes and subjects. Whether it is homework help or regular online studies, that’s the standard charges of our tutors. However, a student can also opt for the monthly package option, in which case the charges can range from $180-$400 per month, depending on the number of classes and hours per class that the teacher is offering you.



Online Education Portals have gained momentum in the recent years because of a number of conducive factors.  The young generation have become net savvy and are hooked on to the social media platforms like never before. They are even using the Internet to book a ticket, purchase books, attire, jewelry and other stuff. So they are the best fodder for online shopping portals. This has generated a lot of interest in the educational corridors of the country.  The point was to reach out to the huge number of students seeking classes on various subjects in both urban and non urban areas.


The Very Basics…


Education Portals have carved out transparent logistics so that the students do not bounce back after not being able to apprehend the basic functionalities of the website. Flawless programming has resulted in the high success rate of these portals. The biggest advantage however is the flexibility factor. Student can Sign In even at the dead of the night to solve a critical issue in the curriculum. Even Holidays and strikes are not an issue. So the studies do not get hampered throughout the year. Online classes are being held by expert teachers from around the country and even from abroad to broaden the horizon of the student’s knowledge in particular subjects. These days even engineering students are being lured by several educational portals to get admitted to register at their websites. Easy downloads of specialized papers, illustrations, slide shows and even archived videos of earlier classes have made learning easy and hassle free.


The Cost


Online Education portals have been able to reduce astronomical costs of books, paper stationery and modes of transport. Now a coaching centre in Karachi can reach out to a student in Lahore through its interactive learning portal without the student incurring any extra cost on transportation. Then he is also able to save money on the expensive books, stencils and other engineering equipments.  Everything is available online. He just needs to download particular software to avail all niche facilities of an online coaching center. Most of the study pack downloads are free.





And Now the Platforms of Study:


Education Blogs


Some professors maintain personal blogs dedicated to the research papers of certain subjects. Students get huge benefits by gaining direct access to these papers. However, these papers come with a price tag. But students do not complain as they are able to get this advantage in the classrooms.  Limted time periods and non availability of technical equipments reduce the success rate of students studying offline.


Important topics posted on the blogs by the teachers can be shared by a group of students in no time on Facebook, Twitter and other forms of Social Media.


The Social Media Advantage


Well, Social media is not only synonymous with gossip and unproductive discussions; it also plays a key role in connecting experienced teachers with talented students. There are a host of groups and pages directly linked to a particular education portal.  These platforms are utilized by both the student and teaching communities to discuss the timings of online classes, solving of queries through chats and lot more.

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Distance Learning

Earlier distance learning in Pakistan relied on posts and snail mail. Both time and energy were simply wasted by the students in seeking particular information or a pack of semester paper. Things have been simplified due to the huge boom in the IT sector. Private firms have come up to create hassle free logistics so that the course curriculum can be downloaded from the university’s portal. Not only this, all students also get important notifications about different semester on the portal itself.


Various Online Applications

Several free applications are available which are being harnessed by the portals to reach out extensively to a huge number of students.  These applications are beneficial since both the teachers and the pupils can interact with each other through short texts, videos and voice mail. Skype is perhaps the most such popular application. So here the students do not miss out the important interpretations of the teachers. Whiteboard applications are also used by some online education portals where one can write texts, use illustrations and conceptualize visually a particular thought process.


The tit bits of Online Tuition


Students studying in secondary schools, also gain huge benefits from online education. There are online tutors who use the latest technologies to teach different subjects. This makes learning more interactive and highly interesting. It is not possible in the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, more and more students are accessing online classes. They are searching for the best tutors in different subjects in their locality. A number of specialized tutors are now registered on top educational portals in the country.  Interactive interface of the websites, easy navigation, transparent payment mechanism and the availability of a large number of tutors have attracted  students not only from higher classes but also from  elementary classes.


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Growing awareness of online education in Pakistan

When the question of continuing education comes to the mind, distance learning emerges as the first choice. Online education is gaining importance quite rapidly.  The advent of the internet has been a boon and has proved to be the major medium for the growth of online education. An extensive percentage of the population irrespective of all ages make the optimum usage of online tutorials covering a plethora of subjects.   With the continued growth of online study and improvement in the user interface, it has become the easily accessible source of knowledge for students.


Online study in Pakistan has immensely benefited the students residing in far rural places.  The tremendous advancement along with the credibility and quality of the online study is widely acknowledged in the professional and academic realm. This medium has successfully made virtual classrooms available to the learners and has impacted the educational system by surpassing the flaws and hurdles in learning. Thousands of students enroll into online education each year. However, the most commonly asked question is ‘how does the quintessential online classroom learning works?


Well, the online education tool is an interface that connects the students with the teachers. It allows both the parties to track their progress from an academic perspective.  Students can login to participate in the discussion, view lecture videos, submit their assignments and even view their grades. This tool also helps to download several academic resources and track the progress of study courses.  The online education system comes with an inbuilt tutorial especially helpful for students who are not tech-savvy. This educational system has enabled the educational institutes to add an angle of interactivity into an online program.


Now the most important question that arises is what are the winning factors for online education?


Flexibility and affordability:  The benefit of ‘anywhere, anytime’ access with real-time replication of classroom set-up makes the entire learning process effectual. Moreover, online education delivers quality resources in a cost effective manner.


Discipline and time management:  Time management and discipline followed in real-time classroom education is also followed in the online space. The online interface offer schedule calendars, tracker and marker to develop a study routine.


The online help:  The online forum is a global source of resources, which broaden the horizon of learning. Even school education can seek online help to successfully complete projects and assignments. Some of the medium interfaces also engage academic experts through whom the students can fruitfully get engaged with learning.


Moreover, with the launch of numerous educational portals in the last five years, online education has successfully reached the ladder of success. Learners can easily access any information related to any field of subjects through educational web portals.


As per the statistics revealed by an online education portal in India, it has been observed that approximately 90,000 students across India registers for online education. For instance, Delhi accounts for 20% of the total online users, Uttar Pradesh has 6000 to 7000 of students registering for online studies and Maharashtra holds the second position after Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Among the online courses accessible, students prefer Science, Mathematics and English. However, Commerce is also opted by a majority of the population.


According to the survey of Online Learning, there is a massive potential for online education to expand. It has been discovered that students in online education learned more effectively.


+92-331-6069515 , +92-313-2287896


The Finest Online and Home Tutor Provider in Pakistan


+92-331-6069515 , +92-313-2287896 , +92-213-4980618 




Sir Syed Farhan is an entrepreneur and is running three different tutor agencies in Karachi and Lahore; Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy since 2008, Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency (parent organization) since 2006 and Instant Educator since 2014, which is well known and well recognized tutor provider and is giving tutoring services to Pakistani students living in Pakistan, USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France and Middle Eastern countries like Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, and more.


Pakistani students and well known best schools of Karachi and Lahore are in touch with Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency and are acquiring teachers for their schools and colleges from time to time from our database.


MBA/Masters qualified, well-experienced tutors are giving online lessons for Stats and Math to Pakistani students living abroad who are looking for or are in search of Pakistani online tutors in affordable price. Our online tutors for even hardcore subjects like Math, Physics and Chemistry are well-versed in English language.


If you are searching for Pakistani teachers to hire for your school/college/university in Middle Eastern countries like Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc, this is the best place for you.

Online tutoring service is available in Pakistan for all subjects. We have special experts for subjects like Math, Physics, Biology, Accounting, Statistics, Management, etc. All you need to do is to send us an email at or dial our number +92-313-2287896 or +92-213-4980618 and we will help you find the best tutor/teacher according to your requirements.


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