FAQs for Students/Parents

Read the FAQs below and also read our terms and conditions for parents/students before filling out our online inquiry form

Q: What is Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency, Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy and Instant Educator?  
Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency is the parent company of Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy and Instant Educator. As the name indicates, Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy is dedicated to providing quality home tutors in Karachi and Lahore while Instant Educator provides online tutors worldwide. Both Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy and Instant Educator operate under the banner of Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency and are the brainchild of Sir Syed Farhan.
Q: What are the services provided by Instanteducator.com?
Instanteducator.com is the premier online tutoring service for all subjects (Math, Science, History, Language, Arts, Accounting, etc) and for all grades (K-12, SAT Prep, Bachelors, Masters, University-level courses) and a variety of the global languages and courses. Instanteducator.com also offers group tuition service in Karachi via its sister company Ahnaf Group Tuition.
Q: Does Instanteducator.com also provide home tutors in Pakistan?
Yes, Instanteducator.com also provides home tutors in Karachi and Lahore through its sister company Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy. Our home tutors registered with our subsidiary company Ahnaf Home Tutor Academy are highly qualified professionals of their respective fields and teach home tuition full time or part time. Call us on (+92)313-2287896 or (+92)213-4980618 to meet a home tutor at your residence or office. You can also fill our query form to request a home tutor anywhere in Karachi or Lahore or to enter our group tuition classes in Karachi.
Q: How many demo classes can I get?
Our home tutors and online tutors offer ONE free demo class, after which the student or parents must either finalize the tutor or request to meet another tutor.
Q: How should I pay fee to the home tutor?
Fees of our home tutors is collected by our representative who will approach you at your residence or office with our stamped receipt after taking an appointment. Fee must not be paid directly to the tutor or anyone else without getting our stamped receipt. Fee can also be submitted in our head office located in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi.
Q: What will happen if I pay fee directly to the home/online tutor?
By paying fee directly to the tutor, you will be violating our policy and in such a case Instanteducator.com will not be responsible on behalf of the tutor or for any loss which occurs to the student(s)/parents. Instanteducator.com is only responsible for the amount which is paid to us directly and a stamped receipt is issued for every transaction.

Q: Why should I choose Instanteducator.com for after-school help?
With a decade of tutoring experience under our belts, it is no wonder that we are the premier online tutoring platform. Instanteducator.com uses the latest technology of virtual white-board tutoring in every session. This technology provides both video and audio communication with the ability to instantly upload course material and worksheets between the tutor and student. This adds a personal touch to learning without the physical presence of a stranger in your home which some children may not like. We have certified educators tutoring from a variety of cultures and locations. Moreover, we are available 24/7 which sets you free from time constraints.


Q: My child isn’t very cooperative with his/her education. Can you help?
We understand that students have very busy, hectic lives and the last thing they may want to do is study or do their homework. Fortunately, our approach makes learning fun and non-invasive. Our tutors are personable and build a true sense of friendship with each student they teach. We find that students who do not like learning in the traditional sense seem to embrace our approach.


Q: How do I get a tutor for Language Learning/School Subjects?
Getting a tutor for any of our services is very easy. You can call us (+92)313-2287896, +92-331-6069515 or email us at admin@instanteducator.com or you can visit our website Instanteducator.com to register for free where you can purchase any of our products and schedule your first session immediately. Our friendly support team will get back to you within 24 hours of any submitted request.


Q: Which K-12 subjects can Instanteducator.com help me with?
Instanteducator.com provides Online Tutoring for Mathematics, Science, Accounting, Language, Arts and Social Studies/History. We also provide support for foreign languages.


Q: How will the Tutor help me with Language Learning?
Getting a tutor for any of our services is very easy. You can call us  (+92)313-2287896, (+92)331-6069515, (+92)213-4980618 or email us at admin@instanteducator.com. The tutor will teach you vocabulary and phrases based on your purpose for learning the language (ex. travel, work, etc.) using all the tools on our virtual whiteboard.


Q: When can I contact Instanteducator.com?
Instanteducator.com office hours are Monday – Friday from 12 pm to 12 am PST. Customer Support on Instanteducator.com is available 24/7 so you can contact us anytime and from anywhere.


Q: How long does a typical session last?
A typical session lasts about an hour, but we understand that our customers may need extra time. This is never a problem as our personal touch is included with every session, and we will cater to the learning experience needed to achieve your goals.


Q. How do I pay fee for online tuition?
1. By paying at your doorstep (you will be approached by our agent) 2. By making a deposit in the bank. Talk to our representative by dialing (+92)313-2287896 for bank details. 3. By Western Union. 4. By EasyPaisa/MobiCash (for Pakistan only). 5. By visiting our head office in Gulshan Iqbal, Karachi.


Q: I am having trouble understanding your payment system. What should I do?
You can call us (+92)313-2287896 , (+92)331-6069515, (+92)213-4980618 or email us at admin@instanteducator.com.

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