IBA Entry Test Preparation

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IBA entry test preparation in Karachi 0313-2287896

Aabshar-e-ilm Tutor Agency is providing a great opportunity for students of Karachi. We are offering home tutoring service and group tuition (location: Gulshan Iqbal, Block 13-C) for IBA test preparation. We have well-experienced as well as fresh teachers available so we can handle students from any background.


We also have online tutors and teachers available for IBA entry test preparation of BBA program, MBA program (accounting and Finance, Economics, Computer Science).


Our home tutors and group tuition teacher offer ONE FREE DEMO CLASS to a student after which the student can decide whether they want to continue with the same teacher or request another teacher.


We have flexible charges so don’t wait, call us now and attend a FREE DEMO CLASS at your home or at our group tuition facility.







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