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GED Test


General Educational Development, The GED is an educational certificate awarded in the United States and Canada which certifies that the recipient has met the minimum requirements necessary to graduate high school.


A Brief History of GED: After the world war, The US Armed forces Institute made request to provide a series of tests so that knowledge and education level of the soldiers who want to continue their education can be tested. The idea is to facilitate soldiers who have joined US Armed Forces before finishing high school.


Originally developed for military personnel, The GED is now the only hope for those who want to complete their education or get job where high school certificate is required, the demand is increasing due to the poor academic environment. People who from any reason, social, family or economical do not get chance to complete their education, GED is the only hope for them. Without GED people looking to continue their education was to go back to high school, which is not realistic option in many cases.


However improvement in the test is still going on to meet the requirement of the modern job market.


Eligibility Requirements


American council of Education established eligibility requirements for students to qualify for taking GED, they are as follows:


  1. The student must be a recognized resident of the jurisdiction they will be taking the GED in.


  1. Student must not have earned a high school diploma from an accredited high school.


  1. Student must not be currently enrolled in an accredited high school


  1. Student must be at least 16 years old.


GED Tests:


The General Educational Development is a series of five tests provides people who have not completed high school, tests covering the different areas of knowledge a student must be competent with in order to graduate from high school.


The Five tests are


  • Writing Skills (75 minute multiple-choice and 45 minute essay)


  • Social Studies (70 minutes)


  • Science (80 minutes)


  • Literature (65 minutes)


  • Mathematics (90 minutes)


The writing test is designed to test how well a student understand and apply the information they just read, it consist of 7 sections (5 fiction and 2 nonfiction) sections. The test consist of 40 questions and the time limit is 65 minutes.


The writing test is designed to test the basic grammatical skills such as sentence structure, student have to answers 50 questions in 75 minutes. The second part of the writing test required to write an essay about the topic from some options.


The social studies test mainly history (both US and world), government, economics and geography. Students need to read brief section from different document and answer questions. There are 50 question and students have 70 minutes.


The science test is designed to test students’ knowledge of general science principles and concepts such as weather or magnetism. Students view a short section of content or a science diagram or graph, then answer questions about it. There are 50 questions in this test, and students have 80 minutes to finish them.


The math test is designed to test students’ knowledge of basic mathematical principles and concepts. The math test includes two components: the first component allows students to use a calculator (provided by the testing center) and the second component does not. There are a total of 50 questions in the math test, and students have 90 minutes to finish them.

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